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We are the authors of many pilot solutions in the areas of our activity

  • Creating a methodology for many years of financial planning and assessment of the creditworthiness of local governments in Poland, which became the binding standard after 2009.
  • Co-creation of the methodology for setting tariffs for water and sewage, which was later included in the statutory provisions and the tariff regulation
  • The first implementation in Poland of a financial liquidity management system in local government based on a consolidated account and a computer application for liquidity forecasting (City of Krakow)
  • Advising the issuer on the first issue of revenue bonds in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe (MWiK Bydgoszcz)
  • Participation in the preparation of numerous infrastructure projects that have received funding
  • Preparation of projects for implementation in the public-private partnership formula, concluded with the signing of the contract
  • Over 200 local government units, which we have helped in implementing the reform in municipal waste management in 2013.
  • Development of model solutions for revitalization processes in cities and co-creation of one of the largest revitalization projects in Poland (City of Lodz)