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Transport and roads


1. Feasibility studies and application documentation for EU funds

 For many years, we have been successfully preparing full application documentation for transport and road projects. We have advised on both projects for modernization and construction of roads as well as large investments such as the construction of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway or the Project of the communication connection of the airport and sea in Gdańsk together with the construction of the tunnel under the Martwa Wisła.

How can we help?

  • We will prepare a complete project documentation, ie a feasibility study and an application for co-financing, taking into account the guidelines contained in the Blue Book.
  • In cooperation with our technical partners, we will develop technical documentation and traffic forecasts necessary to perform the study.
  • We will lead the project to obtaining a decision on granting co-financing and signing the contract.

2. Audit of compensation in public transport

Do you want to know if the amount of compensation complies with applicable regulations? Do you want to expand the scope of entrusted services or implement an investment in the field of public transport? Are you planning restructuring in the transport sector?

Compensation in public transport must be compatible with with Guidelines on co-financing from operational programs of entities implementing public service obligations in collective transport and Regulation (EC) No. 1370/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 23, 2007 on public services in the field of rail and road passenger transport.

We are a leading company in Poland in the field of issues related to public aid.

How can we help?

  • We will interpret existing guidelines regarding state aid, including compensation.
  • We will audit the compensation and confirm compliance with the applicable guidelines.
  • We will verify the contract of entrustment in terms of the subject, the algorithm for calculating compensation, and how to verify the amount of compensation.
  • We will develop the concept of outsourcing services of general economic interest.
  • We will prepare an implementation contract together with the calculation of the amount of compensation in the field of waste management.
  • We will train local government employees and company representatives in the field of applied solutions.