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Municipal assets and revitalization


Since its beginnings, DS CONSULTING has been participating in projects supporting local government units in the area of ​​municipal property management, and for several years also in the area of ​​revitalization.

1. Diagnosis and policy of property management

The basis for effective property management is a comprehensive inventory and appropriate classification of property components, i.e. an assessment of how individual assets are used in the light of the market situation and the formulation of an effective property management strategy.

Local governments have and manage complex resources of communal property. These include: apartments, commercial premises, a whole range of social and cultural infrastructure, hard infrastructure in the form of roads, bridges, water supply and sewage networks, as well as undeveloped land. This property is subject to constant changes due to ongoing investment processes.

How can we help?

  • We will evaluate the property management process in local government units and identify the entities involved in the process.
  • We formulate recommendations regarding the organization of the management process in local government units and the principles of classification of property components.
  • We will help you formulate the rules and policy of property management.
  • We will help to make a pilot classification of selected assets in accordance with the adopted methodology and policy.


2. Location analysis

Some investment decisions require in-depth analyzes related to the involvement of own real estate as well as identification and evaluation of available alternative solutions.

How can we help?

  • We will identify and balance the client’s needs (type and size of investments, e.g. office space for the Office or organizational units, space or cubage for various types of municipal and social services, etc.)
  • We will carry out the necessary market analyzes regarding the availability of alternative solutions as well as the potential demand for new services.
  • We will perform the necessary functional analysis and preliminary architectural concepts.
  • We will conduct multi-criteria analyzes for various options for the implementation of the undertaking.
  • We will identify possible sources of financing for the project.
  • We will prepare variant financial and economic analyzes and we will assess the profitability of various variants of the project implementation along with recommendations.


3. Revitalization

A special area of ​​our interest is the support of our clients in the planning and implementation of revitalization activities, taking into account various aspects of this complex process: economic, spatial, technical and social.

Issues in which we can provide support:  

  • Concepts and models of conducting revitalization activities, models of cooperation with stakeholders of the revitalization process.
  • Organization of study visits presenting good revitalization practices.
  • Functional programs and financial analysis for activities planned in areas or in facilities subject to revitalization.
  • Analysis and functional concepts of areas and objects subject to revitalization.
  • Feasibility studies and applications for co-financing for revitalization activities.
  • Comprehensive technical documentation in cooperation with our partners:
    • inventories of historic buildings,
    • conservation and architectural research,
    • technical expertise,
    • architectural concepts of development,
    • functional and utility programs.