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Culture, monuments and turism


Projects in the area of ​​culture, monuments and tourism are relatively the most diverse in terms of scope and complexity. Our experts have experience in the preparation and implementation of dozens of projects aimed at, for example, renovation of facilities, creating new tourist products, providing museum collections or archiving them.

How we help?

  • We support activities related to raising funds for both current operations and investments.
  • We offer our clients solutions for financing culture based on repayable financing (bonds) through special purpose vehicles.
  • We prepare feasibility studies covering economic and financial, legal, environmental, technical and institutional aspects.
  • By using our cooperation with our experts, we offer a comprehensive service, covering conservation and architectural aspects as well as conceptual and functional solutions for the objects being the subject of the project.
  • We help you get the necessary decisions and arrangements.
  • We support investors at the stage of obtaining financing for projects.
  • We help Beneficiaries in project management, including their material and financial accounting.