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Capital investment and financial management in public sector


1. Financial analysis of the budget, analysis of creditworthiness, expenditure efficiency, recovery plans, increasing tax collection

Striving for the efficiency of the LGU budget makes it necessary to find a way to reduce spending or increase budget revenues. In some cases, it is reasonable to look for a way to restructure the debt, so that installments and interest payments can be adjusted to the capacity of local government units.  What can we offer?

  • We will analyze the financial situation of LGUs, we will make a financial forecast of the budget, we will assess the ability to pay liabilities and indicate areas of possible further interest.
  •     We will carry out in-depth analyzes of selected areas of activity and indicate possible solutions on both the income side and the expenditure side.
  •     We will analyze the possibility of repayment of debt and the analysis of LGU credit agreements in the context of credit conditions applicable on the market.
  •     We will prepare recommendations to increase the financial credibility of local government units, including by increasing the efficiency of budget revenues and expenses and optimizing repayment of debt.
  •     In the event of a difficult financial situation, JST will propose a schedule of corrective actions.

Our extensive experience in this field is confirmed by the completed projects.


2. Task based budget

Is it possible to allocate funds better in the budget? Can the budget be a tool for effective control? How much does it actually cost us to accomplish a specific task? Are we effectively spending money? What is management by objectives?

The budget in terms of the task is not the second budget, it only changes the way you look at spending. The effects, however, are very significant and affect the way of planning, accounting and recording expenses. Thanks to all these elements, the budget becomes a real and, despite appearances, easy management tool.

How can we help?

  • We will show the benefits of a task-oriented approach to budgeting.
  • We will prepare procedures and carry out the implementation process.
  • We will train employees.
  • We will provide support during the improvement of budgeting methods.

The implementation of task budgeting in your unit can be easy.

  • In practice, LGUs use elements of the performance budget for planning and implementation of investment tasks.
  • You do not have to implement a task-based approach immediately in all areas of activity, you can do it in stages.
  • The methodology is universal, but detailed solutions vary depending on the client’s needs. This applies to the detail, how to measure results and effects.


3. Strategies and development plans

Development planning is the foundation of good governance. However, the development of a development strategy requires good coordination and short-term work of various stakeholders.

What can we offer?

  • We will provide support in the preparation of various types of strategic documents.
  • We will prepare necessary diagnoses and analyzes of the existing state and the environment.
  • We will conduct workshops with stakeholders.
  • We formulate recommendations and recommendations in the implementation of the strategy.