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Next PPP agreement signed

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On 22 nd of February 2019 PPP agreement for building and maintenance of road infrastructure in Słupsk municipality was signed.

Słupsk municipality signed the PPP contract. The subject of the agreement is building and long term maintenance of road infrastructure in the area of 3 housing estates. The duration of the contract is 120 months from the moment of signing. Amount od the contract is 50 milion PLN. This is a next PPP project, in which DS CONSULTING consultants together with Legal Counsels from DS LEX have led to a successful financial closure of the PPP project.

Our company provided comprehensive financial-economic and legal consultancy and technical consulting as well as led the entire process of selecting private partner for this project.

We would like to thank the Słupsk municipality and investors participating in the competitive dialogue for their constructive cooperation.

DS CONSULTING and DS LEX consultants

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Author: raszpo